• Rua Comandante Aurelio Manave, Nr 189, 1st Floor. KaMpfumo, B. Central A. Maputo, MZ.
  • +258 21421875 / +258 86 5552167
  • Rua Comandante Aurelio Manave, Nr 189, 1st Floor. KaMpfumo, B. Central A. Maputo, MZ.
  • +258 21421875 / +258 86 5552167



CCs Social Research and Consulting, Lda., is a full-service research and consulting company established in 2018 by a PhD and MA – level researchers, with one objective: to offer high-quality research and consultant services through an integrative approach that brings together a multi-disciplinary and multilingual team which works on the basis of professional skills and competence, empathy and cross-cultural understanding.

The company brings together young and a senior collaborators allowing for an energetic approach amidst designing research tools, data collection and analysis. Quality and objectivity are our key values in a world where truth and validity of information have become increasingly contested and subject to manipulation.

The main office is in Maputo city. From there, CCs extends its services to all provinces of Mozambique. The company benefits from an experienced research staff with the capacity to conduct complex qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis in multiple national and foreign languages.


To offer high-quality research and consultant services through integrative approaches that brings together different development actors, to encounter results that fits sustainable needs of vulnerable groups.


To become a champion consultancy company in Africa in integrative approaches for problem solving and influencing decision making in the processes of development.


A flourishing mentorship is the key of our working and skill development approach. We believe that cross-interplaying Senior and Junior collaborators reinforce internal skills and professional development, with straightening impact to the company, community and our clients.

CCs’ countrywide network of collaborators is constantly expanding by mentoring local interviewers, involving local experts and including them into our network. This approach allows us to create local job opportunities; and to constantly expand to new locations, with new staff.

Each single project has the mandatory involvement of Senior and Junior Collaborators with mentoring as the main tool to enhance Juniors' capacities.

Quality control and fieldwork guidance is always provided by Senior Collaborators in-and-post fieldwork missions.

Each single project is used as a tool to improve understanding, performance and build internal capacities at the Junior and Senior levels.